Answering a Summons FAQ

What will happen if I don’t settle all my credit card debts?

Once you default on your payments, your creditor will mark you as a delinquent card member. Your credit card company to settle the bills will contact you. If you continue to ignore the notifications, you will be called more frequently until you reach a pre-determined number of missed payments after which the creditor will dismiss your case and turn over your account to a collection agency.

The collection agency is not a part of your creditor, it is a third-party business who purchases delinquent accounts and take over the responsibility of collecting unpaid balances from credit cards. Whatever money they collect will turn to their profit.

Do creditors really sell delinquent accounts?

Yes, creditors will sell delinquent accounts to minimize losses. The cost that the creditor will incur for going after delinquent borrowers is costly and they’d rather let someone else handle the collection efforts.

What happens if my account was turned over to a collection agency?

If the collection agency acquires your account, they will apply all their efforts into convincing you to settle your debts because this is how they make profits. You heard the horror stories when it comes to credit card debt collection and the reality is that millions of people are actually subjected to harassment. If you are going through similar predicament, it is important to remember that these are just empty threats. They cannot simply throw you to jail for credit card debts so relax and do not worry about it.

Will I really go to jail if I don’t pay my credit card debt?

The short answer is no, you will not go to jail simply because you cannot pay several hundreds of dollars in credit card bills. No one has ever gone to jail for this.


Because incurring debt is NOT an criminal act. This is, of course, assuming that you simply failed to pay your debt for one reason or another. Note that the circumstances will be different if you issued a check or have signed a contract because of a bounced check or breach of contract can turn into a criminal case like estafa.

Twisted as it may sound, many credit card debt collectors will try to make delinquent borrowers issue checks or sign documents. This will give them grounds to file a real case against you. Therefore, you need to be careful when dealing with collectors on your own.

How will this affect my credit history?

The effects of unpaid credit card debt on your credit history will be profound. You will have a hard time securing larger loans in the future if you do not do something about it now. Unfortunately, some companies will check a person’s credit standing of job applicants so if you are looking for a job, your credit history will also a factor on your ability to bag the job.

There is really no way of knowing how a bad credit history will affect you negatively but the fact is, it will cause much problems in the long run. The good news is, past mistakes will not remain in your record forever. As long as you do what you can to repair your credit, your credit history will improve overtime. Eventually, your bad marks will be “forgiven”

So what is the worst-case scenario if my credit card debts remain unpaid?

The worst case scenario is that you will have to live by cash for the rest of your life. This means paying in cash for buying a car or a home. If you do not do something about your credit troubles right now, then start saving money because there is slim chances of securing a loan from any other creditors and banks.

You will also deal with a lot of calls, threats and notifications from collection agencies for a long time. While you can always ignore all the calls and letters, your friends and family might also get involved in the situation.

You don’t need to worry about the unnecessary burden that collection agency can bring to you and your family. Do something about your debt and start repairing your credit by ordering theAnswering A Summons Package now and deal with the problem head on. You will save yourself a lot of trouble for it.

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