When Debtors Are Harassed By Debt Collectors

Have you been receiving debt collection calls day in and day out? Hounded by debt collectors at home and at work? Perhaps you’ve been ridiculed or threatened by collection agents because you got laid off and fell behind on payments. If you experienced all these and more, you are a victim of credit harassment. The good news is, you can do something about it.

Certain laws are enforced to protect consumers from unsavory, inappropriate and abusive debt collection practices. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA was passed by lawmakers to shield debtors from harassment, threats and mean-spirited collection efforts that debt collection agencies are known for.

Threats and Inappropriate Collection Efforts

Under the FDCPA, debt collectors cannot call debtors at 8 in the morning and beyond 9 in the evening, unless they got the debtor’s permission to do otherwise. In addition, debtors have the choice in which way they want to communicate with the collection agency or collection agent. They are not allowed to call you or show up at the debtor’s place of employment, in their home nor are they allowed to discuss  confidential debt information to a third party. However, though these collection practices are prohibited by the FDCPA, this does not mean your creditor or collection agency cannot try and collect the debt. They can either participate in the negotiation or they can file a credit card lawsuit.

Drawing The Line

In some states, recording phone calls is allowed but it is best to let the other person on the line to know about recording the call. If recording is not allowed in your state, take notes of the conversation. Be precise, indicate the time and the date of the call and note how many times a day or a week you’ve been receiving collection calls.

Keep a good record all correspondence between you and the collection agent, including any receipts and always send your responses via certified mail with return receipt requested. Consult a consumer debt attorney, explain the situation and ask what you can do to stop the abuse. The fact is, debt collection agencies that harass debtors are frowned upon and in most cases, are punished severely. So stand for your right, refuse to be a victim and fight the abuse once and for all. The law is in your favor.

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