Tips on how To Avoid Credit Card Debt Lawsuits

Tips on how To Avoid Credit Card Debt Lawsuits

In most cases, lawsuits related to credit card debt are carried on because debtors gave away an opportunity for debt collectors to go after them. The fact is, collection attorneys and creditors expect easy victory by being awarded default judgments because they assume all debtors do not know their rights or exhibit weaknesses. They really don’t want to go through the whole sordid affair of filing a lawsuit and heading to court. They just want to intimate debtors into paying them money.

If you do not respond to a summons within the given period, your creditor, or debt collector will be awarded with default judgment. It’s as easy as that. In this article, we will discuss certain moves make for an easy prey with debt collectors or debt attorneys.

No Response

If you failed to respond to every initial communication from a creditor or collection agency with a deny, dispute or debt validation letter sent CRRR, it’s only a matter of time before your creditor will come after you.

No Follow Through

If you are given a poorly document validation of your alleged debt and you did not send any follow up letter to deny or dispute the debt, creditors will take as a sign that you are uninformed and will come after you.

Taking Phone Calls

Do not talk to debt collectors without keeping a good record of everything. Worse, don’t return their phone calls. Any undocumented conversations could turn to a window of opportunity for collectors to intimidate or give empty threats.

Providing Personal Information

Never give any sensitive information about you when engaged in a conversation with a debt attorney. Anything you say may be used against you. Make sure you do not reveal anything that they can use against you once the proceedings start.

Admission to the Alleged Debt

Never admit that the alleged debt is yours on the phone or worse, in writing. Any giveaway will be used against you.

Not requesting Certified Mail Return Receipt (CRRR) for Written Correspondence

Demanding CRRR alone is a clear sign that you are not messing around. This gives your creditor the idea that you know how to get the upper hand in the situation.

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