Sued By Credit Card Company: What Your Creditor Won’t Tell You

Sued By Credit Card Company: What Your Creditor Won’t Tell You

It might be scary to think about going head to head with your creditor when you are sued by credit card but the fact is, collection attorneys and junk debt buyers can’t really afford to litigate. Of course, they won’t tell you this. They will subject you to a series of phone calls, hound your friends, neighbors and in some cases, your employer, to get you to pay for the money you allegedly owe. But that’s basically all they do, they’ll try to get you to pay, hope you don’t know your rights and hand over the money.

You might get notified that you are sued by credit card for unpaid debts but they do not really have plans of taking the case all the way to court because they know they’ll have a hard time proving the ownership of the debt. The necessary documents they need to prove that the debt is yours, most notably, the original credit card agreement, cannot be accessed by third-party collection company. Once the original credit card company closed the books on charged off accounts, the documents are gone along with it.

Collection companies and junk debt buyers tend to send out numerous summonses to all accounts they handle hoping that the delinquent debtors will not respond to these summons. They bank on debtors’ guilt over these unpaid debts and if you send them a proper response to the summons, they’ll think twice before they actually take the case to court.

If you found out that you are sued by credit card company for unpaid debt, don’t be too quick to hand them your money. If you can, try to a great settlement deal that works for both parties. On the other hand, if your creditor won’t cooperate and pursued the case, it’s time to find the right materials that will help you overcome this situation. It all starts with knowing your local court rules and finding out facts about the process of being sued by credit card company. There are many things to consider once you are sued by credit card so you as many relevant information as you can.

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