Sued By Credit Card Company: Answering and Sending Your Own Request for Admissions

Sued By Credit Card Company: Answering and Sending Your Own Request for Admissions

Sued by your credit card company? This can be quite a trying experience but it’s not the best time to panic. It’s important to create your own Answer as well as send your Request for Admissions to the plaintiff once you received a summons.

Here’s how to do it:

When sued by credit card company, it’s best to start crafting your Answers and Request for Admissions. Request for Admissions is essentially written statements, which you will prepare and serve, to the plaintiff to secure your creditor’s admission that the facts or that the documents are accurate and genuine.

Note that Request for Admissions are not meant to Discover any information but to make things easier on you once the legal proceedings begin. Consequently, if you do not send over your Answer, you will make it easier for your creditor to win the case against you.

When you are sued by credit card company, your creditor will likely use leading or trick questions to mess up the Discovery process, thus succeeding in their case. Don’t give them this satisfaction. If you do not know how to answer your Request for Admission, you can conduct your own research; purchase a guide like the Answering a Summons eDocument or consult an attorney.

When getting sued by credit card company, it’s important to remember this: Requests for Admissions are used to get you to admit a fact is true and then use this fact as evidence to the court. Once a plaintiff gets you to admit a fact, you will likely lose your case because you don’t know how to handle your defense. So always keep yourself informed, review your state’s local court laws and get your hands on useful guides like Answering a Summons to build your case and win it.

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