Reasons Why Debts Accumulate

Reasons Why Debts Accumulate

Bad economy, inflation, rising petrol costs, and then some. These factors not only make it difficult for average Americans to live off their income day by day, they also the common causes as to why debts accumulate. However, there are also certain circumstances that make things worse, and eventually, make it almost impossible to settle any financial obligations. In order to help you avoid this situation, we have listed down some debt causes you need to watch out for.

Income Loss

Recession resulted in unstable employment. Literally, one can have a stable job with a steady income today and tomorrow, he or she could lose that job, causing a domino effect that will drown one in debt. The same goes for people who are juggling two jobs, the loss of a second source of income could also cause major debts. Unfortunately, there is no definite solution to this kind of problem. However, it can be avoided by being vigilant when it comes to your own debt and your own job. At this kind of economy, no one can afford to sit back and relax.

Irresponsible Spending

People tend to be lax when it comes to spending their money a decade ago. They throw their cash on everything they want and then recession happened and boom, they start complaining about all the credit card debt they accumulated. Worse, it’s hard to adjust if you are already used to a certain lifestyle. However, if you got creditors knocking on your door, it’s time to rethink about how you handle your finances. Start controlling your expenditures and reserve your cash to essential items.


Miscalculating your debts also plays a major role in most financial problems. In most cases, people ignore little expenses because they think these expenses will not affect their income. However, these small expenses are usually the cause of massive credit card debts so it’s best to keep a record of all your expenditures no matter how small they may be.

Medical Bills

In some cases, major medical bills cause much financial strain, especially if afflicted with a  condition that is hard to treat or require regular check-ups. Unless you have savings to cover for this kind of expense, there is no working around this problem.

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