Help Responding To Court Summons

Help Responding To Court Summons

Most people have credit card debts to blame for debts that are spiraling out of control. Having debts you cannot pay is bad enough but receiving a court summons for credit card debts often leaves people in panic. In this article, we will discuss what course of action to take in order to get out of the situation and be debt free for good.

If you received a court summons, it is important to not ignore it. The fact is, the court hearing will proceed with or without you and the case may go against you by default if you do not attend the court hearing. This means you will need to hire a lawyer immediately. One should not be too distressed of what might happen during the hearing. As long as there is no court order against you for your credit card debt, you will not be given a custodial sentence.

If the credit card company wins the case, then a court order will be made against you. You will be given the terms in which you have to repay for the money you owe. Since they cannot make you pay for your credit card debt, they will evaluate your finances and set a repayment amount that should be within your means to pay.

There will be legal consequences for not sticking to the debt repayment terms. When you default on the repayments, the credit card company can file more legal redress that includes wage garnishment and even imprisonment. Unfortunately, by the time you receive the court summons, the time for negotiation for the credit card company has probably passed. This is the reason why it is important that you rectify your situation and pay back your credit card debt.

The most effective way to solve your financial problem is to find the right debt management plan for you. This will require the help of a debt advisor talking to the credit card company to change the agreement how to make credit card debt repayments. This could lead to new terms for repayments that bring the total amount of money you pay each month back within what you can actually afford.

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