Got Court Summons? Learn To Fight Back The Right Way

Got Court Summons? Learn To Fight Back The Right Way

You will only realize how serious your credit card debt is when you get served with a lawsuit through a court summons. However, all is not lost. Essentially, a lawsuit is filed when you failed to meet deadlines regardless whether or not you ignored or missed them. The complaint against you is filed in court; the court approves it and sends a summons. Once you responded to the summons, the case is heard. The presiding judge will decide whether legal rules apply to your or not. Once the case is tried, people who needs to pay, based on the decision of the judge will pay or they will face the consequences.

Being slapped with a lawsuit over credit card debt is not a reason to panic. The fact is, you can defend yourself and yes, you can win. Here is what you should do upon receiving a summons:

Tip 1: When you receive a summons, evaluate it. You need to make sure the credit card debt amount is actually yours. If there are any discrepancies at all, take note of it. This piece of information will be useful once you make your defense.

Tip 2: Note how old the debt is and when you defaulted on payments. Any piece of information you get is important. If the indicated credit card debt has inconsistencies, now is the right time to collect evidence that will counter the complaint.

Tip 3: Check  for the applicable statute of limitations. You can seek the help of an attorney. Provide him all the information you have and find out what defenses are appropriate for your case. Determine what actions is the best ones to take in this particular problem.

Once you are done evaluating the summons, it is time to take action. Respond to the summons and depending on your preference, file Answer, Defenses or a Motion To Dismiss the complaint. You can defeat a debt collection lawsuit by serving the other side with written questions or Interrogatories, demand for written documents or Request for Production of Documents and facts ftp admit or deny Requests for Admissions.

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