Do’s and Don’ts: Dealing With Junk Debt Agent

Do’s and Don’ts: Dealing With Junk Debt Agent

Dealing with aggressive debt agents is tricky. However, it is important to keep a few things in check when you talk to talk to an agent. In this post, we will discuss do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when dealing with a junk debt buyer:

Don’t Divulge Personal Details

Whether it’s your address or where you live, do not, under any circumstances, tell a debt collector where you live or how to contact you! Debt collectors are always looking for ways to pursue delinquent debtors and because wage garnishment and accessing a debtor’s bank account are the easiest ways to collect money, they will try to extract certain information from you. So if, for some reason, a collector got in touch with you, don’t give any personal details you might soon regret!

Don’t Lose Your Cool

Dealing with aggressive debt collectors is very difficult but don’t lose your temper and go on a tirade, it won’t help your case at all. Keep all communications professional and cordial and let the collection agent lose his temper instead. Wait for the collection agent to make a mistake and violate the FDCPA so you can turn the tables against the debt collector and even collect a fine for it.

Do Learn The Difference Between Credit Card Lawsuit Dismissal With Prejudice and Without Prejudice

A credit card lawsuit dismissed with prejudice means that a debtor cannot press charges for the same debt again. On the other hand, a credit card lawsuit dismissed without prejudice means you may get sued for the same debt in the future. There are cases wherein a debt collector who can’t prove the debt’s ownership will offer the debtor a dismissal without prejudice. This means if you agree to settle the credit card lawsuit make sure you choose a dismissal with prejudice so the collector cannot sue you for the same debt again.

Do Keep All Communication Records

From letters to phone calls, make sure you keep a good record of all communication sent your way. Take notes of every conversation during a phone call and put everything in writing, if you came into an agreement. You can’t trust junk debt buyers to keep their word so make sure you take notes, and get them to sign the agreement.

Facing a possible credit card lawsuit and dealing with a collection agent is by no means an easy feat. However, just keep in mind the tips given above and you should be able to handle the situation well.

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