Debt Collectors Taking Things Far

Despite laws enacted to protect debt consumer rights, it did not stop some abusive debt collectors from crossing the line. Stories of how debt collector used practically every tactic in the book to intimidate debtors to pay debts they may or may not owe are all too many and for many people, it’s their reality.

There have been cases of debt collectors threatening debtors with prosecution, jail time, credit card lawsuit and even arrest warrants, which, under the FDCPA, is illegal and subject to prosecution. However, there are debt collectors who take things too far, sending fake court summons for credit card lawsuit to scare debtors off.

The US has at least 16 states that impose law which allows debtors from going to jail for owning a small sum of money. Unfortunately, debt collectors would try to take advantage of this law and use it to threaten people with jail time even if their debts are as little as a hundred dollars. Imagine owing a small sum of money and being arrested for it, it does sound scary, right? The fact is, only a small number of state allow people to go to jail for unpaid debts, not ALL states. This is the reason why it is important to check with state laws to determine what you need to know if you are hounded by debt claims.

Debt collectors do not stop at threatening people with credit card lawsuits, jail time and arrest; they now use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to embarrass debtors into paying their debts online. There are stories of collectors leaving cryptic voice mails, malicious shout outs and collection tweets from debtors and unfortunately, they are all easily accessible by other people.

All these harrowing tales of aggressive, rude and inappropriate collection scare tactics collectors use to pressure people into paying their debts give us a clear picture on how low they can go for a few thousand dollars. Unfortunately, people who do not really owe them money are dragged into the fray.

Most junk debt buyers purchase old, uncollectible debts with very little information about the said debts. All they got are names and phone numbers. Junk debt buyers then will try to piece together information about debtors by accessing databases owned by other agencies to identify debtors. Once they extract partial information, they will start to hound unwitting people, even if they got the wrong person!

So let these cautionary tale help you deal with abusive debtors correctly. Remember, laws are in place to protect you from unwarranted, inappropriate and rude collection efforts. All there is for you to do is to know more about it and fight back!

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