Debt Collectors Harassing Over Phantom Debts

Debt Collectors Harassing Over Phantom Debts

Even at the best of times, junk debt buyers and debt collectors have no evidence to prove a debt’s ownership. However, this does not stop them from badgering delinquent debtors to the point of harassing them to collect the money. In fact, according to the Star Tribune, debt collectors and junk debt buyers do go after delinquent debtors with nothing more than old statements and even bogus proof to scare debtors into paying.

Unfortunately, others resort to extreme measures, like threatening people into protective custody if they do not pay the debt.  But there are less aggressive debt collectors who turn to phone calls to connect with delinquent debtors. Whichever way your collection agent tried to get the debt to be paid, it is important to set boundaries and take action when the debtor started to harassing you in your home or at work.

The good news is, certain laws are mandated to stop abusive debt collectors from using scare tactics and threatening phone calls. If you fell victim to an abusive debt collector, send a clear warning by creating a Cease and Desist letter. This will make the debt collector think twice about contacting you other than in writing, ever again.

To protect your rights, you need to show assertiveness and don’t hesitate to put them into their rightful place when you have to. Remember, you don’t need to put up with all the threats, name calling, and incessant phone calls. Showing that you know your rights and you are prepared to face them in court when you have to is the first step towards winning the credit card lawsuit. It’s not uncommon for creditors to drop the lawsuit if they discover that the debtor knows a thing or two about consumer rights laws.

In addition, if you got served with a summons, make sure to review local and federal laws about credit card lawsuits. This will help you determine what steps you need to take in order to defend yourself in court effectively and win the lawsuit. Not a lot of delinquent debtors look closely into local court laws and state laws to determine the best steps to take when faced with possible credit card lawsuit. Don’t be part of a growing statistics by ignoring your problems completely and instead, educate yourself and create a sound plan. You will save yourself from a lot of headaches, not to mention, legal costs, if you simply conduct your own research and solve the credit card lawsuit right away.

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