Debt Collection Laws: Getting A Cease and Desist Letter Against Debt Collectors

Debt Collection Laws: Getting A Cease and Desist Letter Against Debt Collectors

Harassed by your debt collector? If you have been getting a series of phone calls in your home or to the office or your friends, neighbors, relatives or even your employer were approached by a debt collector in a bid to embarrass you into paying the debt, it might be the time to consider checking debt collection laws in your area.

One of the most important thing to keep in  mind when being harassed by debt collectors is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission  or (FTC). This is one of the debt collection laws that indicate what the debt collector can and what they cannot do when contacting delinquent debtors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protect consumer rights so if you feel that lines have been crossed somewhere, like getting threatening phone calls and letters for consumer debt, you have the right to file a Cease and Desist letter to stop these harassments.

But how do you file a cease and Desist letter? It’s quite simple, all you need to do is to create a letter that essentially tells the other party to stop contacting you or else you will report them to the proper authorities. You will have to leave your name, address, and phone number so the other party knows who to stop contacting.

If you still receive letters or calls despite sending a Cease and Desist letter, you can report this to a consumer rights attorney and may even receive $1,000 plus actual damage and litigation and attorney cost.

It pays to know debt collection laws when debt collectors incessantly hound you. The key is to stand your ground and refuse to be a victim of aggressive collection efforts. Otherwise, they will always get away with abusive collection tactics at the expense of the debtors.

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