Debt Claim Guide: Being Sued By Credit Card Company?

Debt Claim Guide: Being Sued By Credit Card Company?

Being sued by credit card company can be a nerve wracking situation that no one wants to be in. However, millions of Americans are embroiled in debt claims and are hounded by creditors, debt collection agencies, or junk debt buyers every day. If you are being sued by credit card company, the important thing to do is to stop panicking, read the summons and create your Answer to the complaint.

In most cases, something as simple as filing an Answer is enough for junk debt buyers to scurry away and move on to less informed debtors. On the other hand, if the case moved on and you find yourself being asked, in writing, by the plaintiff to send Interrogatories or Answer under oath, you need to make sure that all interrogatories are signed and notarized.

When being sued by credit card company, the debt collector’s legal representative will try to pin the debt to you by asking trick questions. They will try to ask one question and then rephrase the same question to get you to answer differently. Once false move and they will nail you with it.

Being sued by credit card company is hard enough, the interrogatories are even more difficult and intimidating especially if the plaintiff will start inquiring about your employment details or your bank account information. When you are asked about your employment or bank details, you need to choose your words wisely, as the plaintiff is setting you up to get as much information about your bank account and employment details to make it easier for them to find your account, freeze your savings or garnish your wages!

Note that when filing the Interrogatories, do note that the court will only give a limited time to answer them. In most cases, debtors are allowed 30 days to answer Interrogatories but to be on the safe side, you need to review your state’s local court rules.

Discovery is just some of the many processes you should not ignore when you are being sued by credit card company. In addition, admissions that are not answered will be deemed admitted by the court and they can cause you to lose your case.

Being sued by credit card company? Here’s a helpful guide that will teach everything you need to know about answering a summons and handling all debt claims.

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