Credit Card Lawsuit Defense: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Credit debt collectors are known to do or say just about everything just to get their money. As such, many delinquent debtors have no peace of mind because they either fear that their bank accounts will be emptied by their creditors or worry about what their families and friends have to say once the collection agent reached them.

Here’s the fact, you can put a stop to all these harassment once and for all. There are legal machinery at work to help protect the rights of delinquent debtors and rescue those that are subjected to scare tactics and other tricks debt collectors play. The Federal Trade Commission or FTC is a government agency created specifically to help protect consumer rights, including delinquent debtors who are hounded by their creditors.

Apart from credit card debt, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumer rights of those who deal with household debt, auto loan debts, mortgage debts and medical billing debt are also covered by the FTC. However, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not cover business debt owed to creditors.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a useful credit card lawsuit defense particularly to those who had to go through series of phone calls at ungodly hours, embarrassing the debtors by getting in touch with their respective friends, neighbors, employers, threats of accessing a person’s bank account or garnishing wages or any misbehavior before and during the credit card lawsuit proceedings.

To report threatening phone calls from creditors, the FTC’s website has several help lines that will assist on filing a complaint. You can also contact the attorney general office regarding local laws and creditor-induced harassment. In cases of extreme abuse, unjust treatments, or the likes, you can turn the tables against the creditor and use them as credit card lawsuit defense. By pressing charges, you can claim damages and the creditor will pay a hefty fine for it. If you are considering on using untoward treatments by your creditor as credit card lawsuit defense, you can ask legal advice with your attorney.

While there are certain acts that may help you defend yourself against creditors, this does not mean you can simply forget about paying your debt and file a complaint. There is still no way out of the situation unless you repay the debt.

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