Credit Card Lawsuit: Dealing with Junk Debt Buyer’s Admission Request Lawsuit

Credit Card Lawsuit: Dealing with Junk Debt Buyer’s Admission Request Lawsuit

During the discovery phase of a credit card lawsuit, you are bound to receive a series of questions you need to answer, including Request for Admissions, a set of statements that the plaintiff will ask you to either Admit or Deny. Just like Interrogatories and Request for Documents, you are given a certain amount of time to answer them otherwise; your creditor will win the credit card lawsuit by default judgment so make sure you submit the necessary response within the given time frame!

Your creditor expects you to not answer the Request for Admissions on time! If you failed to answer on time, the creditor will file for Motion to Deem Admissions Admitted, meaning you automatically admit to all allegations set by your creditor! But this works both ways, if your creditor did not answer the Request of Admit Facts on time, you too can file a Motion to Deem Admissions Admitted.

If say, you did not sent your Request for Admission on time and your creditor filed a Motion to Deem Admission Admitted and the motion is granted, the creditor will win the credit card lawsuit. Even if you are late, you can still file the documents, state your reason for the late filing, and pray that the court will give you more time to finish the Request for Admission.

It’s important that you check with your state’s local court rules to determine how much time you have to answer any documents and draft an answer as soon as you receive any documents that requires it or else, you will lose the credit card lawsuit and pay for all debt amount, including interest, penalty chargers and your creditor’s legal fees!

Dealing with a junk debt buyer, as opposed to the original credit card company, can be a slippery slope because junk debt buyers will try to use the same Admissions to all debtor under and most of these questions do not have anything to do with the case at all. These questions are often sloppy, then don’t make sense and junk debt buyers do not even care to correct them.

The good news is, as long as you are two steps ahead of these slime balls, you can win the credit card lawsuit. It all starts with giving the right answer ON TIME. For more information about answering a summons and all the right strategies to end all debt claims, click here.

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