Credit Card Debt Summons: How To Save Yourself From Collection

Credit Card Debt Summons: How To Save Yourself From Collection

Unless you are one of the few people in the country who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on luxurious purchases, you are probably keeping track of your expenses. Unfortunately, a large chunk of Americans prefers credit cards as opposed to cash, when it comes to shopping.  As a result, more and more people are experiencing financial hardships for failure of managing their credit card usage.

Once things start falling through the cracks, some people start spending more than they actually make and end up incurring massive debts. When one is no longer able to pay for the debts, you could be summoned to court by a collection agency. When you receive a court summons, the first thing you need to do is to check if the mail is authentic. You can do so by checking for the docket number and a court address on the letter otherwise, it may be a forgery. You might just end up stressing yourself over a payment that is truly not yours to make.

If the summons is authentic and you do have financial obligations to a certain credit card collection agency, you have two options, you can either not show up in court, wait for the next phone call and follow up on payment or you can take action and appear in court to defend yourself against the complaint filed against you.

If you failed to follow up on payment outlined by the court hearing, you will receive another summons and this time, you cannot afford to miss appearing in court. During the proceeding, you are likely to discuss why you failed to pay up. If you have no valid defense, your financial future is put at risk. The police may actually show up at your house and take you in for questioning. Worse, your salary will also be put on the line.

The only way to settle your case is to take swift action and negotiate with your credit to pay for a lesser sum of money up front. As long as you remain in a consistent financial crisis, you can actually minimize the total amount of credit card debt you accumulated.

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