Credit Card Crisis – How Serious is Your Problem?

judge1-300x286Many people who owe thousands of dollars in credit cards can no longer pay for them. Eventually, the card provider has no other choice but to file a lawsuit against debtors. Usually, a court summons is sent to the person concerned. Collection attorney are used to debtors that do not respond to court summons to settle credit card debt. The debtor ends up losing the case by default because of his or her failure to respond to the summons. Eventually, the collection attorney, backed up by the court, will start collecting payments for credit card debt. This IS a serious problem you want to avoid.

If you received a court ordered summons, the first thing you need to do is to respond. Note that a two or three page answer is sufficient enough to start disputing the court summons. The answer to the summons is just the beginning. To defend your case, you need to give an answer that will lead to the collection attorney properly documenting the alleged debt.

YOU, the consumer, have the right to demand proper documentation. Collection attorneys cannot present a signed contact because a large number of credit card companies do not have such agreements. This means most attorneys will have difficulty determining the precise amount of money owed.
This is a great way for the average person to shake up the junk credit debt buying industry. Thousands of people all over the US are using their rights to demand that the proper legal channels are met starting with the answer to the complaint and summons.

To learn how to respond to a summons the right way, you will need a worded answer from a trusted source like

Note that it is a common practice for collection attorneys to fish for individuals who are likely to ignore the summons within the allotted 20 to 30 days. Most people who have credit card debts will not answer these summons, there are the easy fish. If you ANSWER your summons, you are a slippery fish. Many collection attorneys withdraw lawsuits from the slippery fish and focus on the easy fish. That is an outstanding outcome to a serious problem.

How serious is your problem? It can be exponentially worse if not answered.
Do not make the mistake of not answering the summons addressed to you. Exercise your rights and start with a proper answer to your summons/ complaint.

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