Credit Card Crisis: Disputing A Credit Card Court Summons

Credit Card Crisis: Disputing A Credit Card Court Summons

Most people who owe thousands of dollars in credit cards can no longer pay for them. Eventually, the card provider has no other choice but to file a lawsuit against debtors. Usually, a court summons is sent to the person concerned. Collection attorney are used to debtors that do not respond to court summons to settle credit card debt. The debtor ends up losing the case by default because of his or her failure to respond to the summons. Eventually, the collection attorney, backed up by the court, will start collecting payments for credit card debt.

If you received a court ordered summons, the first thing you need to do is to respond. Note that a two or three page answer is sufficient enough to start disputing the court summon. The answer to the summons is just the beginning. To defend your case, you need to give an answer that will lead to the collection attorney properly documenting the alleged debt.

The consumer has the right to demand proper documentation. Collection attorneys cannot present a signed contact because a large number of credit card companies do not have such agreements. This means most attorneys will have difficulty determining the precise amount of money owed.

It is important to remember that the local court dictate the proper service of the summons to the concerned party and of the answer to the plaintiff, as part of the rules of civil procedures. During this time, the debtor is given an estimated time he has to respond to the summons before defaulting. The local rules of civil procedure also dictate the right defenses required to answer the summons.

To learn how to respond to a summons the right way, you will need a worded answer from a trusted source like (PRODUCT NAME). The debtor must discuss the answer to the local attorney to determine if the written answer’s wording is within the confines of the local rules of civil procedures.

For debtors, note that it is a common practice for collection attorneys to fish for individuals on the verge of defaulting with a series of summons. Most people who have credit card debts will not answer these summons and several people that do, the collection attorney will simply withdraw the claim and focus on the easy money collected from people that default on payments.

Do not make the mistake of not answering the summons addressed to you. If you want to settle credit card debt with as little incident as possible, do the right thing.

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