Common Questions About Credit Card Debt Summons

Common Questions About Credit Card Debt Summons

What is the right way to respond to a court summons for credit card debt?

The best way to respond to a court summons for credit card debt is to create a 2 to 3 pages written response that indicate answers to specific items in the complaint. The document must contain a denial to the complaint and defenses for your actions.

Note that there is a certain design or format for court summons response. You can check with the local court or seek the advice of an attorney for the rules of civil procedure. In order to avoid payment default, you need to send your response to the court and to the plaintiff within 20 days after receiving the summons. The response should include certified return receipt. For more information about how to respond correctly to a summon, check with Answering a Summons eBook package.

How do I counter the complaint with a defense?

To defend your case against the complaint, you should prove to the court that a contract exists, indicate the precise amount of money owed and in the presence of a junk debt buyer, then a documented ownership of the debt is essential. Make sure that the response for the summons will provide answers while still conforming to the local rules of civil procedure. You do not need to admit to the credit card debt legally. It is up to the plaintiff to prove that the credit card debt is yours.

I don’t have an attorney, where do I get help?

Unfortunately, hiring a lawyer to work on your case will cost you a significant amount of money mostly because lawyers charge by the hour. If they do not know how much of their time will be involved in the case, the figures may exceed your budget. That said, know that answering summons is a fundamental task for any attorney. The evaluation for your case will only take several hours. If you ask them to review your case and not represent you in court, the cost is lower. The truth is, most debt collectors do not want to litigate with a customer who responds to the summons. They want to get the money in the easiest way possible. If you want to pacify the situation, make sure you do it with the help of a professional.

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