Asking The Right Questions: When Being Sued by a Credit Card Company

Asking The Right Questions: When Being Sued by a Credit Card Company

With the right information, more and more debtors are learning what they can do in order to defend themselves against abusive collection agencies when being sued by their credit card company. Many debtors even go as far as to record collection calls in a bid to entrap collectors and trick them into violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

If you are receiving a series of collection calls from a debt collector and you feel that lines were crossed, it’s important to keep a detailed log of each phone calls complete with the date and the topic of the call. If you want to record the call itself you may do so only with the consent of the other party. Note that it is illegal to record phone calls without permission from the other party.

Once you are in discussion with the collector agent via phone, it’s also equally important to ask the right questions. The fact is, many debt collectors will try to outwit or intimidate you into paying so don’t be a victim and learn what you can ask and turn the tables against your creditor. If you want to entrap your debt collector and beat him at his own game, ask him the following questions:

Is the account reported to the credit card bureau?

How will this affect my own credit?

How long will this stay on my credit?

When will this come off my credit?

If I pay the debt, will this be removed from my credit?

Asking any of the questions above and in most cases, your debt collector will lie about the answers and this is a violation of the FDCPA. In short, you have the chance to entrap the collector agent. However, you also need to know the real answers to these questions because unpaid debt can cause damage to ones credit and they stay there for years.

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