Have you just been served a
Credit Card lawsuit?

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The next steps you make will define your financial future…

These debt collection lawsuits are a tactic to gain complete rights to your financial future. They are expecting you to simply do nothing and forfeit your rights and allow them to take a default judgment against you. Are you ready to have these debt collectors take ownership of the alleged debt, interest fees, penalty charges, and LEGAL FEES?

credit card debt answering a summons

If your creditor is awarded with a default judgment:

  • * They can get your bank information.
  • * They can get your EMPLOYMENT RECORD .
  • * Gain the ability to garnish your wages in some states
  • * Garnish your bank accounts
  • * Ability to track your purchases
  • * Ability to HUNT YOU DOWN even if you move to different states.
  • * They can find and place liens on a car, a house, or almost anything of value.
  • * A default judgment will damage your CREDIT & last from 7 to 10 years!

It is time to exercise YOUR rights. You have 20-30 days to respond to the summons depending on the state you reside. The clock is ticking…

Did you know by simply responding to this summons you may be calling their bluff? Most of these debt collectors have PURCHASED your debt and don’t have all the proper documents. In nearly 90% of debt lawsuits, the attorneys cannot even prove that the debt is yours.

You are legally entitled to call their bluff. The burden of proof falls to them to provide the entire evidence against you. This is called debt validation defense and it is the ultimate weapon against these debt collectors. I have worked tirelessly defending myself against collectors and learning FAIR PRACTICES and our rights and defenses. I have compiled the most easy to use, comprehensive, package to Answer a Summons, defend yourself in court, protect your rights and GET your case DISMISSED!

is everything you need
to fight off aggressive debt collectors!


  • 22 Effective Defenses
  • Sample Legal ANSWER for the Plaintiff and Court
  • QUICK START VIDEO – Step-by-step Act Immediately Plan
  • Up-to-date Summons Information in Member Area
  • Strategies to legally get your debt DISMISSED!
  • 4 OUTSTANDING Bonuses!

Defending yourself in court is called acting PRO SE.

The Pro Se defendant (that’s you) has to present the right legal pleadings and represents himself/herself rather than having a lawyer.

The chances of your case being DROPPED ranks exponentially higher if you are able to create a proper response within the given period (usually within 20 days). Commonly the creditor WILL DROP THE LAWSUIT AND MOVE ON TO A LESS INFORMED DEBTOR rather than take the case further into the litigation process. Furthermore, since you DID NOT SIGN ANY CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT WITH THE JUNK DEBT BUYER, they usually have no proof backing their debt claims. You can raise this critical defense during the legal proceeding. I give you this defense strategy along with many more.

Thinking twice about defending yourself? I understand… I have been in the same situation. But defending myself was WAY better that the alternative.

If you do not stand up for yourself you stand to lose much more. Doing nothing is the worst-case scenario and gives the creditor the keys to your castle.

You’ll be saving yourself, and your savings, for that matter, a lot of heartache by simply STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF!

Here are all the TOOLS you need to FIGHT, FIX and FORGET about your debt problems all together:

The Answering a Summons E-course comes with 7 outstanding bonus sections that will give you effective tips on anything related to debt claims, drafting your ANSWER in response to the plaintiff’s complaint, settlement strategy and letters, 22 defense tactics, cease and desist letters and much more!

Along with my book, I give you complete access to my entire debt LEGAL DOCUMENT PACKAGE:

  • Summons Answer and Defenses
  • Cover Letters & Proof of Service for the Court
  • Written Interrogatories – Discovery Document
  • 3 Different Settlement Agreements
  • Over 25 DOCUMENTS at your disposal if needed!

Learn the right way to respond to a summons in writing by using the sample letters as guideline Simply fill in the blanks, print and file them.

Click HERE to view the Table of Contents for the Answering a Summons eBook.

It gets even BETTER!

To familiarize yourself with the login area and the legal documents I have created a QUICK START VIDEO. This way you can rest assured you won’t drown in paperwork but have the necessary tools to ACT IMMEDIATELY to answer your summons.

It is a simple, 5 minute step-by-step video tutorial that will guide you through the immediate steps to answer your summons. This video will guide you through the immediate steps to answer the court-ordered summons so you can act fast and get your paperwork in to buy more time and create a plan.

Answering the lawsuit is a start, but are you ready to turn the tables on the creditors? We do not just help you ANSWER, we go WAY beyond that with our “Discovery Defense” section. Make them PROVE that it is your debt!

After you ANSWER you can use this discovery tool section to:

  • Request and get all copies of your opponents files
  • Find out if they are bluffing or unprepared
  • Make them divulge their strategy
  • Question them if they have committed collection violations
  • Put your opponent on the defensive and BEGGING to settle
  • Let them know that you are not going down without a fight!

If they cannot prove the debt is yours, you WIN and your case will be dismissed!

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All this is backed up by a money-back guarantee.

60 Day Risk Free Guarantee

I am committed to providing the most comprehensive debt litigation product ever offered online, which is why we match an excellent product with excellent customer service!

I’m confident that the complete Answering a Summons package is all you need to fight your debt claims. I’m offering a 60 risk-free guarantee! If you are, in any way, unsatisfied with this comprehensive debt litigation product or feel like the eDocument did not live up to your expectations, you can ask for a full refund within the 60 days period.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. Here’s your chance to get a copy of the most comprehensive debt litigation product ever sold online, risk free!

WAIT, There’s MORE!

In an effort to provide outstanding value, I have put together 7 extremely useful bonuses.

BONUS #1: Motion to Dismiss – Another way to make this mess completely disappear!

If you find that the complaint is legally defective this might prove to be the most valuable court request that you’ll ever send! We’ve created this bonus to help you spot some of the most common creditor/collector mistakes in the complaint. This information can help you to possibly stop and dismiss the lawsuit completely, permanently and legally!

BONUS #2: The Complete Settlement Guide – Want to pay only pennies on the dollar?

Power and PROVEN letters to settle this mess for less! This bonus arms you with 3 settlement letters. First you have an early settlement letter to help settle your case for much less than what is actually owed. Next there is a letter to settle, and to get the other side to at least start thinking of the reasons why they should settle at a greatly reduced amount. Finally there is a 3rd letter for settlement after the answer has been sent. But we don’t give you these tools without proper knowledge. We have added “Negotiating Notes” – A summary of points to strengthen your negotiating skills! These notes contain some of the professional secrets lawyers have used for many years to move the case toward a final resolution.

UPDATEWe’ve added settlement letter examples to assist BEFORE it comes to a lawsuit.

BONUS #3: Cease and Desist Letter

Hounded by creditors at home or at work? Been getting a series of phone calls from a debt collector every day?

Collection agents and junk debt agencies will try to intimidate you into paying the money you allegedly owe them. Federal law prohibits them from using improper methods. In many instances, collectors are violating the law in contacting you. They’ll stop quickly once you let them know that you know the law!! Don’t be an easy target! Put a stop to all the empty threats, intimidation and manipulation with a Cease and Desist letter. Learn how to create and file a Cease and Desist through this comprehensive guide. You get the actual letter, an example and a guide to completing this action.

BONUS #4: The Complete Bankruptcy FAQ – Is Bankruptcy the Answer?

Thinking about filing for Bankruptcy? How would you like to get straight answers from a bankruptcy attorney? Will it help your case or will it only make matters worse? This bonus guide will fill you in on all questions regarding filing for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney who has filed more than 1500 bankruptcies has written our comprehensive guide. In many cases, you’ll be able to wash out all or most of your debt load, clean the slate, and get a fresh start in life! Learn if filing for bankruptcy is the best decision to make in your current situation.

BONUS #5: Repair your Credit – Secrets to Get Your Credit Back on Track.

It’s never too late to start repairing your credit. There’s a false image put out by creditors and collectors that wants you to believe that your credit will be forever destroyed. That is simply not true! This guide empowers you to fix, eliminate and strengthen your credit, while securing a newer and brighter financial future. Everyone knows that credit is the key to great rates on your car loans, personal loans and mortgage. You will get a sample letter to send to the 3 main credit bureaus – Experian, Trans-union, and Equifax. Learn how to remove items from your credit reports and have bad items disappear forever. Learn some of the online procedures for restoring your credit. This is a powerful and comprehensive tool.

BONUS #6: After a Judgment – Dealing with a Default Judgment and Execution. $109.00 VALUE

This can help if you found our service WAY too late and already allowed the collector to file a lawsuit AND enter a judgment against you. However, this monograph gives you things you can still DO! This comprehensive section has 10 files to help you along the way. This section gives information on how to fill out and file a standard “Motion to Open or Vacate a Judgment” and “Motion to Quash the Execution”. Also we include a guide on trying to stop a sheriff’s sale. These files represent a collective market value of $109.00 when sold separately in our public promotions. But here You get them for FREE!

BONUS #7: LIMITED TIME ONLY – Ask our Researchers a Question. Value $199/ hour!

We know how tough it must seem to try and answer a complaint filed by the collector’s lawyer against you. No matter how easy we may make it seem, as a layperson you may find yourself having lots of questions, stomach quivers and doubts. That’s why we set up a Help Forum for you called “ASK OUR RESEARCHERS”. Any question, no matter how silly you might think it is, is welcome. Again, of course, this is not a substitute for legal representation but it’s simply an attempt to help you in your understanding of the process. It’s fully covered by your fee under this limited time promotional offer, and you’ll receive no invoice or bill for accessing the professional drafting experience of our paralegal-researchers! This help can be worth the subscription fee many times over, all by itself!